Hi I'm Benjamin 👋
Filmmaker - Photographer - Creative Creator

Creating stunning things for the internet, especially videos and photos.

Here is my short story

I began as a marketing manager and made my certificate in that profession. 

But as an ambitious young man, I always wanted to have an online business. Something that would be able to make me show my skills to the world. And I found it in the designing world. The one thing I love more when it comes to designs is, producing and designing colorful socks. During this time, my passion for design and multimedia grew, and because of that surging passion, I had to further my studies in web designing and graphic designing. After studying pretty much, I decided I had to stick to designing websites and ended my sock business.

In my last job, I had the opportunity to apply my design skill to various projects. This made me garner much experience, which helped make me a better designer and problem solver. This is how my passion for deigning turned into a job I would never want to trade anything for. 

So, why not get my designing services and see what we I offer. I promise you one thing for sure, being “wowed. 

Hit me up with a message and let’s start your project!

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